16 Jan 2013

Taste of Autumn food fair

At the start of Autumn this year, I visited the taste of Autumn food fair. There were many goodies on offer, with pies and pastries, cheeses and oils, apples and chocolates and cordials and marinades all over the place. There were a number of baked products, including cheesecakes and tarts, and the most delicious raspberry and apple pie. Although we did not buy one, we made one later that day which was equally as fruity and sweet.

 I had a lovely day sampling the various products, sampling a bit too much of some products, such as the flavourful smoked garlic oil at one stall, and the crispy turkey at another. I was particularly interested in all the bakes and cakes on offer. They certainly were stunning.

I have also added a few pictures of some nice things I saw in the gift shop. I hope you like these dainty delights as much as I did!

The cupcake faerie

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