24 Dec 2011

Christmas day cupcakes

Christmas day is a day away, and so I have made these yummy little treats for the big day. I have made a cinnamon cake with cinnamon buttercream and an edible gold spray. The christmas puddings are double chocolate but have the classic red berries and holly

The cupcake faerie

21 Dec 2011

Christmas holly cupcakes

Hey guys! So I have finally made my christmas pudding cupcakes and I am pretty pleased with them. These are christmas presents for some people at my mums work. I am making these for christmas day as well, so I will post the new batch on new years eve! Hope you like them!

The cupcake faerie

20 Dec 2011

Warm (cupcakes) this winter

Hey guys! I was just trying to knit a mug hug for my mum, for christmas. A mug hug is a knitted strip that will go around a tea cup, to keep in heat and make it look nice. It was while I was making it, I thought why not try to make a cupcake cosy. Keep your cupcakes warm when they come out of the oven. It may seem a little weird, yes, but cute too. I have made a picture of a "cupcake cosy" for you all. The "cosy" is the one i am making for my mum, which i took a picture of. The cupcake is from the internet.

Cupcake picture source: http://www.debbieweil.com/blog/digital-cupcakes-smart-marketing-in-a-downturn/
Cupcake cosy picture source: Photographed by me

I would like to have a go at making one of these, but I am going to make a mug hug for a family member for christmas first. Why not have a go at making one. 

The cupcake faerie

19 Dec 2011


Hey guys! I have really got into the christmas spirit. Today my friend made some really sweet snowman cupcakes, a vanilla cake, white chocolate icing, and a ready to roll icing snowman. For christmas, we did a cupcake swap, so our christmas presents were cupcakes to each other. My other friend made a chocolate sponge cupcake, with a plain green vanilla buttercream, shaped as a christmas tree. I made a chocolate sponge cupcake, with a chocolate buttercream and a glace cherry on top. If you look at my cherry cupcakes revisited post, those are the cupcakes that I gave to my friends. I didn't stick to the christmas theme, but I really enjoyed making them, so why not have a go. Here are some christmasy inspirations for you to have a go at.

This is like my friends cupcake
This is also like my other friends cupcake

Picture 1 source: http://lovemisshiggins.wordpress.com/tag/gulity/
Picture 2 source: http://blog.pinkcakebox.com/christmas-cupcake-tree-2007-12-26.htm
Picture 3 source: http://www.creative-cupcake-recipes.net/cupcakes-for-christmas.html
Picture 4 source: http://www.zimbio.com/Christmas+Cupcakes/articles/33/Tried+Tested+Christmas+Cupcakes
Picture 5 source: http://best4everfamily.blogspot.com/2009/12/candy-cane-cupcakes.html
Picture 6 source: http://www.allthingsnice.biz/christmas.html
Picture 7 source: http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/640904

Hope you like them.

The cupcake faerie

18 Dec 2011


Hey guys, as you may know, I did say I was going to try to make some lemonade cupcakes. The problem is is that i can't make them until after christmas now, because i have been ill all weekend and I can't make them next weekend because that is when I am making my christmas batches of cakes. Fyi, I am making a red velvet santa hat cupcake, a batch of cinnamon cupcakes, and a batch of chocolate cupcakes, in the shape of a christmas pudding. Here is what I would like them to look like:

Picture 1 source: http://dizzymaiden.tumblr.com/post/13692178238/gastrogirl-santa-hat-cupcakes
Picture 2 source: http://www.thecupcakeblog.com/tag/pumpkin-cupcake-with-caramel-bourbon-buttercream-and-sprinkled-with-ginger-nutmeg-and-cinnamon/
Picture 3 source: http://www.bathcakecompany.co.uk/cupcake_gallery.html

Hope you like them, and I will pos† the results (hopefully) on christmas eve

The cupcake faerie

15 Dec 2011

Cherry cupcakes revisited

Hey guys
So as you know from one of my earlier posts, that i made some cherry chocolate cupcakes. Well I remade them for my uncle, but without the double cream, as there was none in the fridge. Hope you enjoy them ;D

The cupcake faerie

A new flavour

Hey guys! I have just come up with an amazing new cupcake flavour. LEMONADE. I have looked on the internet and all of the cupcakes seem to be pink lemonade cupcakes. I am thinking of a lemon sponge, lemon buttercream and lemon popping candy on top, with a red and white striped straw. I will try and make these as soon as possible and post the results. Have a go at making some if you want, and send me your results.

The cupcake faerie

Cupcake competition

 These are my chocolate cherry cupcakes. they have a chocolate sponge, with a cherry filling, and a swirl of chocolate buttercream, a swirl of double cream, and some crumbled up flake and a cherry on top. I made these for a little competition and i came second by one mark. The winner was a plain chocolate cake with a few marshmallows dotted around it. (I probably came second because it was all men judging the competition, and they don't really have an eye for detailed, fancier things ;) Well, i hope you like them.

The cupcake faerie


Hi everyone! Welcome to the cupcake faerie, a blog for every cupcake fanatic out there.  On this blog, I am going to be posting recipes, pictures, and my own attempts at making cupcakes. I hope you like the website as much as i do.Wishing you cupcake happiness,

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