About me

Hey guys. My name is the cupcake faerie. I was going to be named "the cupcake fairy" but that fairy name was taken so, faerie it is! I am a teenage faerie and live in faerie land. I love cupcakes, Japanese things (such as manga art and japanese dolls), and baking.  I would like to spread some cupcake inspiration, so here it is :)

 I hope you like my blog, and please feel free to share some input. Comment on my "submit" page with an idea for the blog, and I will try and post it, making sure that all of the credit goes to you.

Just to let you know that the photographs of cupcakes are not owned or made by me. The cupcakes I have made are under the label "homemade"

If you have any problems with me using your photographs, just click the "contact us" button. Keep in mind that I am young and do not mean any harm. I am a nice faerie.

Thank you for taking a look at my blog.

Wishing you cupcake happiness,

The cupcake faerie