15 Dec 2012

First ever (successful) cake pops!

Many hours have I spent attempting to make the so easy looking cake pops. Every time I failed. Simple as that. Mainly due to issues with the very frustrating and fiddly candy melts that won't melt thin enough, or the cake spewing over the top of the cake pop tin (through a hole in the lid).

I managed to solve my usual problems by adding sunflower oil to thin the chocolate. This thins it very well, but for those weirded out by this, it does not affect the taste! I also piped the cake batter into the tins to get the exact amount of cake batter.

I thought those of you might like to know that I also made a fondant rose and mini apple pies today, which were very tasty. The rose is actually for the christmas cake I am helping to decorate. Not very christmasy but très elegante. Plus, I wanted to use my new "ball tool" (If anyone knows of a technical name for this, I would love to know what it is). Unfortunately I do not have the photos for you to see because I didn't think of taking any at the time.

At the moment I am currently knitting a small "angel cake"(-yes, a bit odd for a teen but I enjoy being crafts and being able to make so many things out of a ball of wool). I bought a book from a craft store with instructions on how to knit 20 different cakes, which is right up my street. I will hopefully post a picture when it is finished, seeing as I am about half way.

I just want to say a big thank you to all my readers, as today is the one year anniversary of this blog. You have made this website what it is today!

It is not an amazing picture or cake pop, but as promised, the cake pop photo:

The cupcake faerie

This link is not the recipe I used. I improvised and made a plain vanilla cake batter, and baked it in a cake pop tray and then melted some chocolate for the coating. I don't like to crumble up cake to mix with frosting because it makes the cake too sweet. And who would crumble up an innocent little cake?

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