4 Jan 2013

Gran Gran's homemade birthday cakes

My Gran, or as my brother, my cousin and I call her, Gran Gran, has made some stunning cakes over the years. She is not a professional cake maker but her cakes really are of professional standard. What ever we had asked for she had made even better than expected, making the most difficult cakes just for us. I am always proud to show people these cakes because I am able to say "My Gran made them"! So now I will share them with the world. The best birthday cake I could ever ask for. Thank you Gran Gran for these stunning cakes!

(One of the cakes, although not in the pictures, was a jewellery box cake which was so intricate and detailed and was an absolutely amazing cake!)

The cupcake faerie

Spider man cake

Castles cake

Hammer cake (name erased)

Ballerina cake (name erased)

Thunderbird 2 (?) cake

Flower cake

Ratatouille cake

Rainbow cake

Wallace and Gromit cake

Bowling alley cake (name erased)

Butterfly cake

Teddy bear cake

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