16 Jan 2013

Chocolate digestive and lavender tea cupcakes

The day my friend and I made these cakes, we had decided to have a go at a bit of harmless experimentation. With a cupboard full of ingredients and an endless stream of ideas, we set to work baking our cupcake creations. Mine was a lavender flavoured cake with a plain buttercream, my friends was a chocolate digestive biscuit cake with, again, just a simple buttercream. The results were very tasty indeed. My only suggestion for my cakes would be that instead of using lavender tea, I use lavender flowers, of which we didn't have any at the time. Here are our end results. This was my friends first time piping, and it looked really good for a first go. Hers are the chocolate cakes and mine are the lighter coloured ones.

The cupcake faerie

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