27 Oct 2012

A sweet (16) afternoon tea!

It was my 16th birthday the other day, and my mum surprised me by getting my cousin, aunt and gran round and by setting out a wonderful afternoon tea "spread". When I came in the living room looked wonderful, with a set of fancy cups and saucers, scones, jam and a teapot to be filled with "Betty's tea room blend" tea. I must admit it was very fun, especially with the one man comedy show that is my cousin ( who is also scarily like sheldon cooper from the big bang theory at times). All in all it was a great birthday, and thank you to everyone who made it so great!

Here are some pictures of the afternoon tea.

The cupcake faerie

The cupcake faerie

19 Oct 2012

My wall of inspiration

Over the past few months, I have been been collecting various postcards and leaflets to stick onto my bedroom wall. After putting up what must be at least 50 of them, i thought that I would show my readers the results:

And yes, that is a real four leaf clover. I have found what must be over 40 of them, and that is the only one I have managed to keep.

The cupcake faerie

The Cake And Bake Show 2012

(Sorry that this post is a bit late, but at least i have managed to post it!)

Cake lovers across the United Kingdom gathered on the 22nd September at the start of the 2 day Cake And Bake Show. Finding out about the show by chance when browsing through delicious magazine, I managed to book tickets for the event. It was full of people trying to pick up tips, equipment and decorations to make the best cakes.

There were many features of the event, including classrooms, in which you can learn new techniques, star speakers, including Eric Lanlard, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, cupcake decorating stations, children's baking sessions, cake making competitions, not to mention the various stalls from which to buy the latest cake decorating products.

For those interested, I will be posting the pictures of my day out along with the picture of me WITH THE WINNER OF THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF! I didn't see the final and didn't want to find out the winner until I had seen it, but when i remembered that I had my photo taken with one of the finalists, i had to find out if he had won or not :)

I hope you like it, and take a look at some of my comments on the photos below!

The cupcake faerie

Paul Hollywood

Eric Lanlard

Me and 3 Great British Bake Off contesetants

Me and my aunt with winner of Great British Bake Off plus two other contestants

Love the white ruffle cake!

Some of the beach cake competition entries!

Gorgeous wedding cake displays!

Me at the cupcake piping area

It started off as a pretty cupcake, but we decided to hord sweets and get as many as possible on the cupcake. The result was a cupcake that looked like a rose. It was actually really pretty.

Some of the mini cakes from the class i went to...

Eric Lanlard: