6 Dec 2014

Birthday cake and new beginnings

I think it's safe to say that it's been a while. It's been a while since I last blogged, it's been a while since I last baked and it's been a while since my birthday. Yet here I am, telling you about the highlights and disasters of my 18th. But before I tell you that, I think I need to give you all an update. Some VERY big news. I have a new kitchen! Ok, so maybe it's not that exciting, but for me it is. After spending many stressful hours with family breathing down my neck when I spill my tea or get cookie dough on the ceiling (yes, that really happened), a new kitchen is a big relief. Finally I have more space to... make a mess, i suppose. Oh. And I have two huge drawers... one for cake decoration and one for tea. Ahh, I'm so English!

Of course, with a lovely new kitchen and an approaching birthday, my mum decided to step into my Gran's shoes and make my birthday cake. Strictly speaking, it's been a few years since I last had a proper cake, so I wasn't exactly expecting one. Of course, when I was out at work (yes, i had to work on my birthday. Oh the joys of having a part-time job), my mum began on what was several hours of hard work, and I must admit the end result was stunning. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw that cake in a magazine. It really was that good! When it comes to cake, I'm a traditional girl. You can't beat a classic Victoria sponge and that was exactly what I got. An elegant layered sponge, sandwiched with cream, jam and strawberries and decorated with delicate pink (edible) blossoms. Bellissimo!

However, as you may remember, my birthday wasn't all rainbows and butterflies, it was compromise (and you're right, that is a song lyric). No, there were many, many, many 'alterations' to my original birthday fĂȘte. The original plan was to have my family round for dinner the day before my birthday... my grandparents, my aunt and my cousin for a lovely roast dinner. Sounds lovely, doesn't it. Very lovely. But no, t'was not to be. My cousin was unable to join us because he was at his dad's house that weekend. Not long later, my Aunt and my Gran on my mum's side decided not to come, thinking it would be unfair to see me without my cousin present. So it looked like it would be just my grandparents on my dad's side who were staying for a meal. Nope. You guessed wrong. Sadly, the night before my Nan had fallen down the stairs, breaking her shoulder and her wrist. Naturally, we said that we didn't want her to stay here for my sake, especially if she was in pain. My grandparents went back home in the early evening. The meal had been cancelled, no roast for anyone. The day of my birthday I was, of course, working. After coming home and having the initial surprise of my cake, my day was brightened a little- I would be seeing my Gran, Aunt and Cousin that night for a meal out. But as the evening went on, my mum started getting a head ache, my dad's back was playing up, having injured it a few weeks before. Of course, no birthday celebration was to be had. Instead, we stayed home and watched a film (Chef- I would recommend it). And it's been a month since then- I still haven't had my birthday meal yet. Tomorrow, maybe, but my family have all decided to simultaneously develop colds. Well, at least me and my cousin can cook dinner for everyone. It may not be a meal out, but sometimes a meal in is just as good.

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