20 Dec 2011

Warm (cupcakes) this winter

Hey guys! I was just trying to knit a mug hug for my mum, for christmas. A mug hug is a knitted strip that will go around a tea cup, to keep in heat and make it look nice. It was while I was making it, I thought why not try to make a cupcake cosy. Keep your cupcakes warm when they come out of the oven. It may seem a little weird, yes, but cute too. I have made a picture of a "cupcake cosy" for you all. The "cosy" is the one i am making for my mum, which i took a picture of. The cupcake is from the internet.

Cupcake picture source: http://www.debbieweil.com/blog/digital-cupcakes-smart-marketing-in-a-downturn/
Cupcake cosy picture source: Photographed by me

I would like to have a go at making one of these, but I am going to make a mug hug for a family member for christmas first. Why not have a go at making one. 

The cupcake faerie

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