18 Dec 2011


Hey guys, as you may know, I did say I was going to try to make some lemonade cupcakes. The problem is is that i can't make them until after christmas now, because i have been ill all weekend and I can't make them next weekend because that is when I am making my christmas batches of cakes. Fyi, I am making a red velvet santa hat cupcake, a batch of cinnamon cupcakes, and a batch of chocolate cupcakes, in the shape of a christmas pudding. Here is what I would like them to look like:

Picture 1 source: http://dizzymaiden.tumblr.com/post/13692178238/gastrogirl-santa-hat-cupcakes
Picture 2 source: http://www.thecupcakeblog.com/tag/pumpkin-cupcake-with-caramel-bourbon-buttercream-and-sprinkled-with-ginger-nutmeg-and-cinnamon/
Picture 3 source: http://www.bathcakecompany.co.uk/cupcake_gallery.html

Hope you like them, and I will pos† the results (hopefully) on christmas eve

The cupcake faerie

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