19 Dec 2011


Hey guys! I have really got into the christmas spirit. Today my friend made some really sweet snowman cupcakes, a vanilla cake, white chocolate icing, and a ready to roll icing snowman. For christmas, we did a cupcake swap, so our christmas presents were cupcakes to each other. My other friend made a chocolate sponge cupcake, with a plain green vanilla buttercream, shaped as a christmas tree. I made a chocolate sponge cupcake, with a chocolate buttercream and a glace cherry on top. If you look at my cherry cupcakes revisited post, those are the cupcakes that I gave to my friends. I didn't stick to the christmas theme, but I really enjoyed making them, so why not have a go. Here are some christmasy inspirations for you to have a go at.

This is like my friends cupcake
This is also like my other friends cupcake

Picture 1 source: http://lovemisshiggins.wordpress.com/tag/gulity/
Picture 2 source: http://blog.pinkcakebox.com/christmas-cupcake-tree-2007-12-26.htm
Picture 3 source: http://www.creative-cupcake-recipes.net/cupcakes-for-christmas.html
Picture 4 source: http://www.zimbio.com/Christmas+Cupcakes/articles/33/Tried+Tested+Christmas+Cupcakes
Picture 5 source: http://best4everfamily.blogspot.com/2009/12/candy-cane-cupcakes.html
Picture 6 source: http://www.allthingsnice.biz/christmas.html
Picture 7 source: http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/640904

Hope you like them.

The cupcake faerie

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